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Bruiser Baits Banger 110 - Pro Blue

Bruiser Baits, new Bruiser Banger 110 provides an uncompromising search tool that sets a new standard for jerkbaits. Expertly crafted form end-to-end, the Banger 110 responds to the most sensitive rod work with an irregular darting action that imitates wounded baitfish.


The Banger 110 features an internal weight transfer system, that when combined with the precisely shaped body, generates a stable flight and increased casting distance.Armed with three super-sharp Mustad treble hooks, the Banger 110 creates solid hook sets that ensure you land more fish. Offered in 4 premium paint schemes, the Banger 110 is going to become your go to jerkbait.


Size:  4.35"

Type: Floating

Weight: 1/2oz.

Quantity:  1 per package

Color: Pro Blue

Bruiser Baits Banger 110 - Pro Blue

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