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Bruiser Baits - Intruder Black & Blue

As popular as ever, Bruiser Baits Great bait for flipping and pitching. The little arms on the side of the bait are very streamline when punching but when the bait hits the bottom, they flair open similar to a jig. The arms twitch around with slight movements of the rod. Texas rigging this with the proper weight can result in big fish and lots of them. 4.25″ long.This is the bait used by Brandon McMillan to set an FLW Tour record with a four day string of bass weighing in at 106lbs 10 oz. Congratulations!


  • Popular and proven to catch just about any freshwater fish
  • The Intruder
  • 4.25" in length
  • Summer craw color
  • Package of 8

Bruiser Baits - Intruder Black & Blue

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